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Maynard MacMillan

Worked with the CNR/VIA railway for over 40 years as a carman and carpenter. Upon retiring, he turned his residence at 234 Sydney St. into one of the first tourist homes in Charlottetown, calling it the "Aloha," and later purchased a second home on the corner (60 Hillsboro) and named it the "Amigo."

For over 23 years our father very much enjoyed hosting travellers from around the world. In March of 2006 he was diagnosed with brain cancer and left this earth on May 21, 2006. 

Today the tradition continues at 234 Sydney St., his daughter Kelti runs the Aloha Tourist Home. The house on the corner was sold.

We and many of his friends and acquaintances miss him. Amy Cox, a writer from Texas, wrote the poem below. It is about our Dad and speaks volumes of him as one of the many wonderful local Island ambassadours you may find on your journeys of PEI. 

Memories of Maynard
~ And The Aloha Amigo ~

Around the corner from the water,
On the streets of Charlottetown
Lived a man, tall of stature,
Strong of smile,
Who all the while,
Gave blessings and kind ways,
To those who stayed,
Within his walls.
From June to autumn days,
As many roamed
Around the sweetest shores of Home,
He stood by,
So willing to supply,
The goodness and swift humor,
That this world rarely murmurs.
He shared the paths
To wonder,
Inviting souls to wander,
Discovering moments under
The brightest blue-tinged sky.
Another generation
In the sweetest occupation,
Of helping others find
Their way
Upon the reddish clay.
Within the special spaces,
Which were so aptly named
In greeting wide and spacious,
They shouted out in greeting,
“Welcome-Hello Friend,”

Dreams were realized
And some new desires began,
For those far from their homeland.
He listened with his heart,
To language
Hard to understand.
With open hand,
He opened doors,
And opened hearts
To sheltered grace,
A gentle face:
Who lived for helping,
Knowing, sharing
Tales of life…
Slipping in the perfect spot,
Like sweatshirts worn to nip the frost,
A place was filled in many hearts.
There came a friend who touched a part
Of every life he met…
Whom no one may forget:
Amigo, true and tall,
His kindness touched us all.
How grateful for the blessing,
Which comes deep in the missing,
We know we wait to see him,
Opening mansion doors,
To hear him laugh once more,
As he has now found peace there,
In Home, forevermore.

~ Amy E. Cox
Copyright 2006 © by Amy E. Cox